Thursday, July 21, 2011

Upstate NY-Breakfast of Champions

Just a quick idea for a nice energy packed breakfast, guaranteed to give you sustainable nourishment to start the day.

First: you must rinse and soak some CPO Live Oat Groats overnight; changing the water every 6 hours is a good idea...especially in the Upstate NY humidity.

Second: you must sprout the oats for 2-3 more days; rinsing every 4-6 hours (or at least as often as you can remember, especially in hot weather)...sprout in a quart size mason jar with a clean cloth and rubber band secured to the opening, lay the jar on its side to increase surface area, sprout out of direct sunlight at room temperature until you get something that looks like this:

Third: purchase some CPO Chef Hans' 5-Spice Black Bean Spread (or another flavor) @ the Ithaca Farmer's Market, Green Star, Ithaca Coffee Company, or Bet The Farm.

Fourth: put a handful of sprouts on a plate, top with about 2 Tbsp of bean spread, poach a couple of eggs and place on top, drizzle with some sunflower oil, sprinkle with some cracked black pepper and a pinch of sea salt:


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Freekeh and Jacob's Cattle Beans with Moroccan Flavors

Preserving your own citrus is quite simple.  Take a lemon, lime, or orange and place the bottom or top end on a cutting board; cut the citrus in fourths, but not all the way through, leave it attached on one end; pack each piece of citrus with 1 heaping Tbsp of sea salt and close it shut so that it resembles its whole form; tightly pack each piece of fruit into a jar and let it sit covered at room temperature for 4-5 days; now squeeze enough fresh citrus juice to cover the fruit and let it sit covered for at least 1 month at room temperature, make sure to weight the fruit down so that is stays under the liquid ( use a plate weighted down with a bag of the curing solution).  It will last for at least 1 year in a cool dark spot or in the refrigerator indefinitely.  To use clean out the meat of the citrus fruit and rinse it a bit under cool water.

Here's a nice grain and bean salad that will comfortably fill the belly as a nice lunch or accompany a nice piece of grilled lamb from a local farm.  The Moroccan flavor comes from some preserved citrus, oil-cured olives, mint (which is quite abundant in upstate NY), cinnamon, and star anise; I use a combination of apple-mint and spearmint.

Freekeh getting ready for a soak and steam bath...
...plump, sweet, juicy ... laced with a subtle smokey and nutty flavor profile.
Jacob's Cattle Beans beautifully mottled (also know as trout beans) getting ready to soak and simmer.
Just finished simmering and still looking quite beautiful...time for some Moroccan Flavors!

Preserved citrus in a jar of salty citrus juices...

...preserved lemon and orange: meat removed, rinsed, and ready for dicing.

The holy trinity: mint, preserved citrus, oil-cured olives!

Jacob’s Cattle Beans and Freekeh with Moroccan Flavors
By Hans Butler
1 Tbsp minced preserved citrus (rinds only)
1 Tbsp minced oil cured olives
1 cup julienned apple mint
1/4  cup fruit vinegar
1/4 cup Stolor Organics Sunflower Oil
1/2 tsp ground star anise
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 cups cooked CPO Jacob’s Cattle Beans
2 cups cooked CPO Freekeh

1)Remove flesh, rinse, and dice the citrus very small; put in a large mixing bowl.
2)Dice olives into small pieces; add to the mixing bowl.
3)Julienne mint; add to the mixing bowl.
4)Add vinegar, oil, star anise, and cinnamon to the mixing bowl and mix well.
5)Add the beans and freekeh to this mixture; mix everything together gently, but thoroughly.
6)Enjoy as a side dish, a nice lunch, or a light dinner.

Serves 4-6